Custom closet organization systems enhance a home’s unique style

Prior to installation:

To prepare for your new closet system, please clear all personal items from the space before install day. If you have any wire shelving or existing closet systems that need to be removed, our installers would be happy to remove and dispose of any materials for you the day of, at no extra charge. With that being said, if any major spackling/painting or repair work needs to be done, we recommend taking care of that prior to installation.

What to expect on the day of installation:

Upon arrival, our installers will have had inspected every piece of your closet system to ensure its entirety and pristine condition. Our employees will arrive promptly and prepared to assure the process is as efficient as possible. You and your installer will discuss the project and design before anything is removed from the truck to reassure both parties are on the same page.

Before beginning the install, we will make sure the floors and areas in your home are protected with drop cloths. In just a few hours, your system will be installed, cleaned and ready to use. Your installer will go through the closet with you, answering any questions you have about functionality of the system, and making sure you’re 100% happy and satisfied with the product as well as the experience with In Style Closets.

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